Here’s an excerpt about HighPockets from an article in The Memphis Flyer:
In the not-so-distant past, I considered myself a pool shark. On any given weekend in my early 20s, you’d find me in a smoky Mississippi pool hall with a Miller High Life on standby and a cigarette hanging from my lips as I lined up an intensely focused shot in a game of eight-ball. In Memphis, HighPocket’s (yes, there’s an apostrophe), which opened in 1983, breathes nostalgia for me.

With nearly 30 well-kept tables (no rips in the felt!) and plenty of great-condition cues (not warped, and with tips!), it’s all about real-deal pool here. It’s so legit that you’ll find league games going almost every night. But don’t fret — aside from the busiest league days, Sunday and Tuesday — you won’t have any trouble finding an open table.

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Thursday night’s 9-ball tournaments have been going strong for more than 20 years and are open to all with a $15 entry fee. Quarter tables ($1.50 per game) and hourly tables ($3 or $4 per person, per hour, depending on table size) are available seven days a week. In this Summer Avenue “World of Amusement,” fun-seekers can also play foosball or darts. And don’t forget the beer, some of the cheapest you’ll find at $2.75 for domestic bottles. Smoking is allowed inside, so it’s a 21-and-up venue, which means you might see me there, with my cig, High Life, and serious game face, reliving my glory days. — Shara Clark