46 players from 11 states, Canada, and Mexico entered the Memphis HighPocket’s Super 9 Ball April 2nd & 3rd event. Including the Friday night mini-tournament and calcuttas, over $19,000 was paid out. A big thanks to Bob Prater, the owner of HighPocket’s for hosting the tournament and adding $2500.

Buddy Hall, Dave Matlock, Reid Pierce, James WaldenJames BaraksScotty TownsendChris Bartrum, and Brandon Ashcroft were some of the top players that entered. 17 year old sensation-Justin Bergman went undefeated in the main event. Justin topped Todd Miller 11-4, Reid Pierce 11-6, Younger Chapman 11-6, Robert Newkirk 11-8, Josh Diegler 11-6, Blake Todd 11-10, and James Walden 11-8.

James Walden took 2nd place, Blake Todd 3rd, James Baraks 4th, Josh Diegler and Sparky Ferrell 5/6th. Including the calcuttas, 1st paid $7210, 2nd $3742, 3rd $2820, 4th $1360, 5/6th $680, and 7/8th $175.

Buddy Hall won the 36 player Friday night mini-tournament. James Walden took 2nd, James Baraks 3rd, and John Reese 4th. 1st paid $1115, 2nd $840, 3rd & 4th $380.

Justin Bergman and Stevie Moore

Look for HighPocket’s to host more Super 9 Ball and other events. HighPockets is located at 5099 Old Summer Rd., Memphis, TN. 38122. 901-761-1583 www.highpocketsinmemphis.com

Article by Lanny Charles for AZBilliards